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  • Buying and selling Spanish properties.
  • Notary Deeds and private contracts.
  • Mortgages, finance and insurances.
  • Bank repossession negotiation.
  • Real Estate review conflict interests.
  • Tenancy and ladlord agreements.
  • Construction and Urban planning law.
  • Due diligence review and new Works Declarations.
  • Rural, land and not registered properties.
  • Commercial properties and tourism law.

Wills, Probate, Estates

  • Drafting Spanish Wills. EU & Uk Wills applicable laws after Brexit.
  • Probate and Succession, Certificate of Law, Confirmation.
  • Intestacy, executors, assets distribution and heirs conflicts.
  • Inheritance Tax and Wealth Management.
  • Estates plan and Trusts.
  • Elderly Law.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Mediation and Arbitration for heirs conflicts.

Court & legal advice

  • Property and construction disputes.
  • Money claims and debit recovery.
  • Eviction, tenancy agreements, arrears.
  • Owners Communities conflicts.
  • Professionall negligence: architects, developers, surveyors, advisers, lawyers.
  • Administrative, Taxes and Urban law.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Mediation. Arbitration. 


  • Sportsmen drafts contracts and negotiation.
  • Agents and Clubs legal advice.
  • Arbitration claims FIFA, RFEF and FA. SFA.
  • Disciplinary issues.
  • Litigation, liability & personal injury.
  • Image Rights & Intelectual Property matters.
  • Social Media defamation, libels, threats…….

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