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How do we quote fees?

The first thing every client wants to know is how much their case is going to cost. Transparency is one of our values so we think we must be clear about our fees. We do not sell just a service but we care about the peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night or the confidence in retiring early. Our normal daily job is focus on Property & Probate matters so we have a standard fees settled that we will sign under an Instruction Letter.


Fixed Conveyancing fee

Standard Fee from a % of the Property value with initial retainer.

In Spain the figure of the Survey is not required. However, specially inland properties, conflict areas or future Urban plots, or even to be sure about the money you will spend for a purchase we highly recommend a Due Diligence Report with an Architect. We will let you know about these fees as they are not included.


Probate, Estates, Wills and Court

Generally we use the Málaga Law Society rules but we can negotiate a fixed amount, a percentage or discuss an hour time fee.

Price does not include Spanish VAT 21 % We work from the UK so some fees from our lawyers maybe will not have VAT added according with VAT Registration Rules from HMRC so please do not hesitate to ask about it.
As you probably know we need under anti-money laundering regulations to complete a satisfactory personal identification procedures so we will need a passport copy and 2 proof of address and some personal information that we will keep according with data law rules.

Hour time fee

The lawyer will charge you for each hour (or portion of an hour) that the lawyer works on your case. Thus, for example, if the lawyer’s fee is 150 Pounds per hour and the lawyer works 2 hours, the fee will be 300 Pounds. We do not work on no fee basis or not win no fee, but obviously paying some fee to study the case we can settle a final price for our job.
If you have a conflict with a Spanish Lawyer, take in consideration that we are required by the Spanish Law Society rules to chat with them about your case. From our experience, the average Spanish Lawyer act correctly but sometime the law is not so easy to explain to clients so and you will probably not need to change your Solicitor. If you need us to contact your lawyer, please take in mind we charge for this service as a consultation with the hour team fee option and you will have also to pay your previous lawyer.

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