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Spanish lawyers.

Say Hey! to Spanish Law. A private client network law Firm where lawyers think in your language, will deal with your case in plain English and comply with UK standards.

We Do you need a Spanish Lawyer Abogado (Solicitor) in the UK to sell or buy property in Spain? 

Heylaw, is located in Glasgow offering Spanish Law services and BESPOKE SOLUTIONS regarding Property, Real Estate drafts, NIE, POA, Wills, Conveyancing … with a UK network that cover all Scotland, Sheffield and Newcastle and travelling regularly to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London.

HeyLaw’s team of dedicated lawyers ready to assist with Spanish legal matters.

Hey Law. CEO & Founder

José has his own Legal Firm since 1997, although his father started as Tax Advisor in 1981 at Costa del Sol. From 2009 Jose decided to advice just on Private Client maters for British citizens and he started to travel monthly to Leeds, Manchester and London to help UK legal Firms. He finally moved to UK where opened an office in Scotland in 2013 and getting the post for six years as Consul of Spain in Glasgow in 2018.
José Luis Martínez Hens
Spanish lawyer based in Glasgow since 2013 and Consul of Spain at the city from 2018 to 2024.
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